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Samsung SF510-A01 Laptop Review

December 19th, 2010 3 comments

The Samsung has been a less popular brand in the area of the notebooks in US where quality conscious customers prefer Sony ( Decent quality for $100 to $200 extra) or Apple ( Way expensive and therefore avoidable). And then, we have Toshiba, HP, Dell and Lenovo, Gateway and Asus brands. For a given price range the number of the notebooks available are myriad making it difficult for the customers to choose a particular brand or a model.

The best course of action for a customer will be to look for available models available in a price range and read the reviews including, most importantly processor, display, graphics, availability of inbuilt camera and whether it offers a DVD or a Blu Ray player. There are few things that are offered almost universally in all notebooks and possible does not need an in depth check. These include the USB, wired and wireless internet ( yes almost all notebooks now a days come with wireless internet). Of course, you may also like to check availability of HDMI port, if that concerns you and the battery life if you plan to use your notebook a lot without power supply.

There are few things special about the Samsung SF510-A01, that makes it part of the reason we chose to review it. The Samsung SF510-A01 is available at bestbuy for a decent price of $629.99 at the time of writing. If the core i3-370M processor ( it is 2.4 GHz, 2 core, 3 MB Cache), 4 GB DDR3 RAM and, Intel Wireless Display, Embedded 4G WiMAX along with inbuilt camera and 500 GB hard disk looks attractive, you may like to rush to best buy – it is probably a decent deal for the price it is offered. For more details read on.

Samsung SF510-A01 Pros

– Top of the line core i3 processor core i3-370M
– In Built Intel WiDi ( Wireless Display)
– Embedded WiMax
– Good price to performance
– 7 Hours of battery Life

Samsung SF510-A01 Cons

– The screen resolution is only 1,366×768
– Do you rely on Samsung Brand
– Speakers not great
– No Bluetooth

The Look, Style and Keyboard

White and cream colors have started to become the synonym of the stylish look ( remember Apple and Sony Viao), but Samsung SF510-A01’s cream color gives a out a cool look that you will really appreciate. The curvy edges and glossy finish that further adds to its charm, if you care for its “looks”.

Inside, we have a contrasting dark color, unlike typical Apple or some of the Sony series notebooks. The dark brown inside has raised keyboard which is very good for typing. HP, for example had highly disappointed with it flat keyboards with some of its notebooks making it hard to feel as we type. While we find, for example, the Sony Viao VPCEB23FC to have even better keyboards we found Samsung SF510-A01 to be almost as good.

Samsung SF510-A01 Processor

Samsung SF510-A01 is powered by the core i3-370M processor, a dual core processor which has a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz. If you are tech savvy, we encourage you to read the Intel Core i7-370M review and its exotic properties including integrated memory controller, smart cache and the fast DMI bus. If you do not wish to go into details, bear in mind that core i3 processors are the newest processor which has significantly better performance at compared with similarly clocked Intel core 2 processors. If you do think you need higher processing power you may like to take a look at Intel core i5 based processors ( and the notebooks that are powered by them) that has turbo boost enabled.

Samsung SF510-A01 Display

Display is the next important parameter in any notebook and Samsung SF510-A01 impresses with the quality of the 15.6 inch display at 1366 x 768 resolution. The Graphics is driven by Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD. The Samsung SF510-A01 also has an HDMI output that you can use to watch movies on a HDTV, in case you need.

The Intel WiDi and WiMax

There are two key ingredients worth mentioning in the Samsung SF510-A01 as these are not available in all notebooks. The First is the support for the Intel Wireless Display – with which you can display the content of the notebook on a Tv wirelessly. Of course you will need a Netgear Push2TV unit ( that hooks with your TV). You will get a 720p resolution of streaming video. Do not expect that you will be able to play any game when you use the WiDi because of the time lag. But it is decent for watching movies. The second ingredient worth mentioning is the included WiMax antenna which should be a good option if you want to add a 4G wireless connectivity.

Other Key Features

Without going into too much details it is worthwhile to point out few key feature that will make you appreciate points about this notebook

– Integrated 0.3 MP Camera
– HDMI Coonection
– Weight without AC Adapter 5.4 lb
– 500 GB Hard Disk, 5400 rpm
– 4 GB RAM

We found the Samsung SF510-A01 to be better that many other notebooks around the same price range in best buy. For example the Dell I15R-1835MRB selling for $649 has the i3-350M ( has 2.26 GHz) Vs core i3-370M processor in the Samsung SF510-A01. The Dell I15R-1835MRB has the same amount of the RAM, Hard Disk, same display size and resolution but does not support WiMAX.

Sony Viao VPCEE25FX/W at $649 is another notebook at $649 that impresses us. It has however AMD Athlon II X2 320 processor (2.1 GHz dual core), which turns out to be inferior than the Core i3-370M in the Samsung SF510-A01 . Sony viao vaio ( thanks lol for pointing typo), though, impresses with its quality and durability. It also has 4 GB RAM, a 15.5 ” Display but a smaller 320 GB Hard Disk.

Dell Studio S1558-5691MSL at $699 will get you a core i3-350M processor ( 2.26 GHz), 4 GB RAM, 15.6″ screen and a 500 GB RAM Hard Disk.

If you are looking for a notebook with greater power we recommend you take a look at Gateway Nv55c26u – for $699 you get Intel core i5-460M (2.53 GHz, with turbo boost to 2.8 GHz). The extra money is worth given the processing power you get. In case you are a developer you need to do video processing.

Asus U52F-BBL9 is another $699 processor that also features faster Core i5-460M. There has been customer complaints about this notebook and the way its keyboard is arranged. Asus still needs to do something more in terms of the quality.

Sony Via VPCEE37FX/WI at $699 could be a decent buy. You can rest assured with the Sony quallity. You get a decent white out look. The processor is AMD Turion II P540 ( dual core 2.4 GHz).

We at starredreviews, expect that the review is helpful in the process of decision making, if you are considering to by a notebook in the $600 to $700 price range. In the conclusion we highly recommend this notebook unless you come across something better than this in sale and deal. We also recommend to explore Gateway Nv55c26u for a better processing power. Sony Via Viao ( Thanks again  lol for pointing out the typo) is a perennial quality notebook, but you do not get a higher end processor in this price range.

Samsung EX1 Compact Camera Review

July 6th, 2010 1 comment

About Samsung EX1

Samsung is a trusted name when it comes to compact digital camera products. Hence, when they unveiled the new Samsung EX1 compact camera model, many were curious to learn what they’ve got in store for their loyal customer base this time out. This product is aimed at serious photographers, so make your own verdict after looking into the features of this compact camera below.

The Samsung EX1 is the newest addition into the range of compact system cameras that will prove to be a great new option in the range. This camera comes with 10 megapixel camera resolution to ensure that you can capture quality images. To further ensure quality captures, it utilizes a bright f/1.8 lens that can produce 3 times focal range of approximately 24 to 27mm. The EX1 also comes with a large 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor and 3-inch swiveling AMOLED screen to preview your shoots.

This compact camera model is also equipped with a lens adaptor and external flash hotshoe, which gives you an option to either take the optical viewfinder or not. Hence, Samsung EX1 offers enough freedom for the serious photographer to experiment with various shooting modes and situations to produce the desired quality of image. Speaking of full freedom, photographers have the ability to take full manual control on the exposure and ISO settings to adjust according to the natural lighting conditions. To avoid blurred images, it is incorporated with Dual Image Stabilization Technology such that you can keep your pictures crisp and sharp at all times even when the subject is moving or despite of shaky hands.

Once you receive the package for this camera and open it up, it should be quick for one to realize the ease of handling for this camera. Its body and design is well constructed due to its superior quality metal body, which barely makes it into the compact category. Samsung EX1 comes with dimension of 114.4 x 64.6 x 30 mm and weighs only about 350 grams, which should be enough to fit into your pocket.

Pro’s of Samsung EX1 compact camera

*The EX1 camera  is small and compact, which makes it easy to store in your pocket;

*The ease of use for this product is impressive, such that you can freely explore its features;

*It features a wealth of advanced options for the serious photographer.

Con’s of Samsung EX1

*It is heavier in comparison to the compact camera models;

*The zooming quality of the compact camera could be improved, such that the photographer is forced to get closer to their subject when capturing them from a distance.

Pricing Details

The Samsung EX1 compact camera is available in two color choices – grey and black. However, both are priced the same at approximately £399 or $449. It is therefore a great investment for veteran photographers who wanted something that is built with several advanced features without having to break your bank.

The Bottom Line

The all-new Samsung EX1 compact camera feels and handles like an entry-level digital camera that is built and designed for serious photographers. Hence, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this model. As a bonus, it offers competitive pricing such that it makes a good investment for your money.

Samsung X520 notebook review

April 6th, 2010 No comments

Last updated May 28, 2011

The new X series laptops launched by Samsung is all about mobility, the model with highest specification in this category is Samsung X 520. The new X 520 Samsung laptop has a 15.6 inch display and a great capacity six cell battery, thus its weight of 2.2 kg is worth it. However its build is reasonably compact with 32.4 mm thickness and 382 mm width. It has a spanking LED backlit display having a glossy covering giving you the dazzling flamboyant images. Its great 1366 x 768 resolution will surely lure the movie lovers.

The base unit of the laptop has a thin silver rim around it giving it a little tacky look. Its three close by USB ports may sometime look inconvenient to the use but an extension USB could be used to solve this problem.  Though there’s no PC Card slot or Express Card, but has VGA and HDMI outputs.

Samsung X520 is powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo SU3700 (1.30 GHz processor). How fast is this ? Read in Intel SU3700 Core 2 Duo Processor.

The new Samsung X520 laptop offers both WiFi and Bluetooth with WiFi bale to cover close by 802.11n routers. Its grand 500 GB facilitates you to store games, movies and music. It also comprises an SD card reader positioned on the front rim of the frame.

Samsung has not changed its keyboard design and this new X520 also has its customary flat and full size keys. Though the touchpad ought to be a little wider for move the fingers expediently

Its touchpad’s buttons are also very small making them uncomfortable to use, and have a very spongy feel. The addition of an Intel SU7300 processor will let down the users who want the raw performance. The speed of this processor is just 1.3 GHz.

Despite being low-powered as compared to others, this processor is more than competent of handling the pre-installed Windows 7. Its 4GB of memory can store backups for almost every task.

More to the point, being a portable laptop, the Samsung X520 is not the right choice for playing games. It is specially designed to provide extensive battery life. It may reach to about six hour battery backup when followed the power saving features such as a dim screen.

In spite of the low-powered processor inserted, the X520 is absolutely adequate for simple users who use the system just for some browsing and surfing, word processing and a little with image editing and not more than that. With an improved battery life and a well-brought-up key board the Samsung X520 is worth buying it.


Samsung’s lates X520 notebook offers a great deal of power at the expense of the portability. If you do not mind a little heavy size, this notebook is a great option.


pricey compare to other similar category of laptop

not useful for gamers

Final thought

If we come on its monetary aspect, it’s fairly pricey at £649. However, it is very well known with all computer users that the price tag of the Samsung laptops falls down in a few months after their release. So let’s all hope that X 520 also follow this trend it will soon be obtainable at £500 which is absolutely affordable as per its plus points.

Samsung Instinct HD Product review

December 13th, 2009 No comments

With the HD in the end, Samsung Instinct HD is a mere follow up to its predecessor that premiered last year. With the HD accompaniment, it is obvious how the developers wanted to bring forth the high definition experience even through your phone. But did they succeed in doing so? Find out more below.


Upon first impression, one could easily mistake Samsung Instinct HD with any other mobile phones in the market today. It consists of a mainly black exterior with silver accents on the sides and edges. However, one must not be deceived by its looks as this phone model actually packs a lot of punch into its thin and lightweight body. In fact, you can easily use this phone with your single hand and that is just the start for all the conveniences that this phone can introduce to your life.

The device comes with a perfectly smooth front panel and the typical call/disconnect button have been replaced with a touch-sensitive pad that makes executing these functions even more precisely. You can see buttons and ports on either sides of the body. On the left side, you can access the voice command and voice control options. On the right side, you can access the video out, camera shutter button, and sync/charge port. At the top of the Samsung Instinct HD unit are the power/lock button and the headphone jack.

One interesting bit of feature on the Samsung Instinct HD is the lack of a QWERTY keyboard due to its emphasis on the multimedia experience over messaging functions. Hence, those who are used to this keyboard layout might have to overcome a learning curve before you can use it with ease.

As for the performance, one would be quick to realize that this isn’t actually as intimidating of a smartphone as it initially appears. Launching applications or doing basic functions are pretty basic. Some users have complained about the smartphone’s interface but once you had it figured out though, it should be pretty easy performing some applications.


There are a few shining moments for this smartphone that makes the usage experience quite of a treat:

• The screen is impressive and the overall build makes it look sophisticated.

• The camera is easily accessible and produces great quality photos, for those who love to capture memories most of the time.


Here are some of the drawbacks to using the Samsung Instinct HD that will make you want to rethink your decision to make a purchase:

• The battery life is a cause for concern and given that this phone model emphasizes multimedia functions over messaging, then you can be prone to being caught with a dead battery.

• Surprisingly though, even the quality of the video taken through the phone aren’t that impressive. Even the voice quality is a bit substandard.

• The virtual keyboard is nearly unusable and quite complex to figure out.

Final Thoughts

To determine whether you must buy Samsung Instinct HD is all about personal preference. It comes with fabulous graphics and impressive screen but there are also a lot of issues involved with other functionalities. If you are willing to deal with those issues mentioned above, then you have no problem having fun using this smartphone model anyways.

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