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Tegra 3 based tablets to be launched by Asus

Asus is going to be the first company to launc the Tegra 3 based tablets very soon. The Nvidia’s Tegra 3 APU has quad core processor with fast Graphics Unit in built into it.

The Tegra 2 based tablets have already become very popular in Android based Tablets and smart phones.

Asus is already working on the Tegra 3 in collaboration with Nvidia. However, the deatils have not been made public. It is expected that Asus will make an announcement when the Tegra 3 release is announced.

Asus CEO Jerry Shen has earlier told that the company was preparing a quad core based tablet that will have advanced glass free 3D capability.

Besides the Tegra 3 based Tablets Asus is also preparing the Intel Atom based tablets that are planned to be releases by the end of 2011. These notebooks will feature the Z670 based Oak Trail processors.

The Tegra 3 based Tablets promises significant performance improvement as compared to the previous Tegra 2 based Tablets. The increase in the number of cores, and integrated 12 core GeForce GPU is expected to improve the performance by 4x. The Tablets can be expected to be launched by 2011 or early 2012.

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