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The Five Worst Products of 2010

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As we reflect back on the year 2010 and the new products that hit the market during this time, there have been some great ones, some not so great, and some that should never have hit the market. It was hard to pick just five from The Worst Products of 2010 list but after much reading, these seem to be the five worst.


This was Apple’s introduction to the tablet computer, which sold over 3 million devices in 80 days. Looking at the Ipad now, over half wish they had not bought this device. It was marketed as a platform for audio and visual media, but Apple launched it without 3G and missing ports. Apple must be given credit for sparking the beginning of a completely new area in the computer world, but they could have launched a better product. It was launched with an unproven Apple processor, no USB ports, and meager storage. The video playback was limited to MPEG4 codecs and Apple QuickTime because there was no Flash acceleration. Ipad proves that the power and potency of marketing muscle selling products to customers even when they do not need it.

3D televisions

Wanting to flog televisions, manufactures dreamed up a new slogan to replace ‘high definition’ to sell more televisions. These manufactures must have been desperate to dream up the 3D television, which resulted in the rebirth of wearing 3D glasses. The screen was expensive, and the television required you to have 3D glasses. Who would want to have to wear these cumbersome glasses, and if you lost or misplaced them, the television was useless. In addition, there was the lack of quality programming.

Microsoft Kin phones

Microsoft put resurrected Kin phone 1 and Kin phone 2 after they were considered dead. They made a launch in April and by July Microsoft had sold 500 head sets. When you looked at these phones, you could see why they made the Worst Products of 2010 list. These phones looked like a rounded off squares with a slide out keyboard. The phones only had a 600MHz, and were only 2G. During 2010, manufactures saw the adoption of touch screens, which made the Kin phone almost obsolete with its slide out keyboard.

Facebook places

Facebook claims it prides itself on respecting their users privacy but in 2010, they launched location aware features. When users complain about their privacy or lack of it, Facebook swats away the complaints as a cow does to the fly. During the summer, they launched their Places application, leaving the users to turn of the feature if they did not anyone knowing where they lived.

Apple’s rubber band

The rubber band because the saviour of the Apple iPhone 4. When the Apple iPhone 4 was launched, they gave the phone the kind of fanfare that would accompany a royal baby. Unfortunately, something was wrong with the phone because the iPhone 4 could not stand to be held. The only way to fix this problem was to fix a rubber band barrier.

These are just five of the many worst products of 2010. Now that we are getting ready to go into a new year, you wonder what products the companies have in store for us.

It is time for your comments.

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  1. Realist
    December 31st, 2010 at 06:20 | #1

    Don’t ask me how I happened to come across this website, but it certainly seems credible. Let’s see, they just attempted to destroy the credibility of the fastest selling electronic product ever manufactured, the iPad, while stating that it does not come with 3G.

  2. George
    December 31st, 2010 at 07:21 | #2


    You need to take your time what is written – it says – “but Apple launched it without 3G” – it does not say – “it comes without 3G”. You may like to attend English class.

  3. Eric Bogatin
    January 1st, 2011 at 19:52 | #3

    House of representative are using iPad. Another proof iPad is one of the worst product of 2010.

  4. BigBen
    January 21st, 2011 at 19:46 | #4

    This reviewer equates… SUCCESS with FAILURE… haha.. Show me one person who regrets buying their IPAD and i’ll show you a thousand who don’t. If they regretted it they had 14 days to return it.. and they didn’t! Moron reviewer!

    And to GEORGE:

    you are a moron also… Why point out that it LAUNCHED without 3G.. that just shows the reviewers bias… They announced 3G would be released a month after WIFI.. it’s not like they lied and said only WIFI.. and they released a 3G sneakily the next month.

    Such morons Apple haters are…

  5. George
    January 30th, 2011 at 15:19 | #5


    Give Candys to kids – will they dislike it ? No. I smoke and I like it – Yes. Do I suggest it to my friends – no.

    iPad is a toy for kids – it has fancy button, nice user interface, that kids use to browse photos and play games. Why will they return it ?

  6. denimDemon
    February 1st, 2011 at 09:58 | #6

    Agree! in before (more) apple lovers.. Yes the ipad sold x bajillion, but it’s still lame and a massively over-hyped product. Friend visited for a week and I tried his. It does nothing I couldn’t’ do as well before, and apart from netflix and a (crappy) browser it does nothing I want/need. I just don’t get it. I’d much much have a proper laptop!

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    March 28th, 2011 at 12:05 | #7

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  8. April 15th, 2011 at 07:57 | #8

    3D TV is one of the worst ideas ever. Even in cinemas people are getting tired of the gimmick.