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The New Xbox 720

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Microsoft is getting ready to join the gaming wars with PlayStation and Nintendo with the introduction of the new Xbox 720 but the date it is going to be make available to the public has not been decided yet.  Microsoft is saying that it could be in the year 2012 but nothing definite at this time.  Some people are speculating that because the Xbox 360 is only half way through its life cycle, it may not be until 2015.  How much this new system is going to cost is also under wraps.


One thing that Microsoft is saying is that this new version of Xbox is going to give PlayStation 3 a “run for its money.”  This may be an outdated statement by the time the new Xbox 720 hits the stores, PlayStation may already have another system on the shelves that even surpasses their PlayStation 3.

They are saying that if the new Xbox 720 is going to gain the upper hand over the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo, this new system is going to have to have a memory capacity of less than 1 TB.  Some of the premium features of this new system include streaming devices like Hulu and Net Flicks.  This memory capacity and premium features are still in the planning stage so nothing is concrete as to what the new Xbox 720 is going to offer but they promise whatever it is is going to be mind blowing.


There is speculation that the new Xbox 720’s games are going to be geared more to the casual gamer.  In addition, there is speculation that their controller is going to be much more motion sensing.  Another speculation is that included with the new Xbox 720 system there will be a controller that is Wii-like family friendly.  By default, there is going to be a Blu-Ray drive.  In comparisonto the Xbox 360, the new Xbox 720 is going to have better anti piracy features and more stringent and backward compatibility.  In addition,you might be able to expect 4.7  GHz CPU, HDMI and Wi-Fi to be built in.


These, of course, are all speculations and may or may not be in the new Xbox 720.  What will be included will be announced when the release date is announced to the public.  All Microsoft will say at this time is that is it is going to better than the current Xbox 360 currently on the market.


All anyone can do is play the “wait and see” game in regards to the release date, the price, and all the new features that will be offered on the new Xbox 720.

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