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The Toyota Etios Liva Vs Maruti Swift

By reducing the price of its Etios Model, Toyota has made the Etios Liva more affordable without compromising its quality. The lowering of cost was essential, as, Indian middle class, though richer than it was a decade ago, is not willing to put money of more expensive cars. The sweet spot and lust for cars seems to be reserved for 4 laks to 7 lakhs car with all entry level features including Air Conditioner. This is where the Toyota Etios Liva seems to Fit in.

Toyota has been advertising heavily with Liva. This should give a tough competition to the Swift – the closest competition from Maruti ( Tata’s Indigo is still a relatively smaller payer in this field)

The Liva features an Extral Large cabin. Its fuel economy is one of the best in its class and its prices are affordable for masses. mass-market price. Toyata was so confident of the demand that it had to delay its launch from April to June as it feared that it could not cope up with demand.

The Etios Liva has a length of only 3.775 meters as compared to 4.265 for Etios. The wheel base stands reduced by 9 cm. The reduction in size should actually help people in driving in narrowly spaced Indian roads.

Whereas the Etios sedan has a length of 4265mm, the Liva gets a length of 3775 mm with a 9cm reduction in wheelbase (roughly the passenger cell’s length). The Etios as well as the Liva variant look similar from fron side. It will be hard to distinguish the Etios and the Liva just by looking from the front. Maruti also attempted similar changes by releasing Dzire model as a variant of Swift, but Dzire is still recognizibly distict from Swift.

The Engine in the Liva is smaller – 1.2L as compared to 1.5L in the Etios.Liva is about 10 kg lighter than the Etios.The Etios Liva give 80 bhp while the Etios gives out 90 bhp. On the negative side, the Etios as well as the Etios Liva are offered only in manual transmission – no Automatic transmission is available. The music system is nice in Liva and it is surprisingly pleasant to see that it comes with a USB socket and Audio Auxilliary drive.

The Etios Liva gives out 18 km per liter can be said to be good for a car of its class.The standard Safety includes ABS, EBD and Airbags.

In overall Toyota’s quality brand will be the most important reason to take a closer look at Liva. The only question is will it deliver on the quality promises – in long run ?

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  1. Anisha Pandey
    July 12th, 2011 at 01:01 | #1

    In the great competition of cars; Toyota Etios Liva and Maruti Swift,I found Toyota Liva as the best one. It has an overall length of 3775mm, 1695mm of width, 1490mm of height and 173mm of ground clearance. The muscular shoulder line on its face gives aggressive look. It has got unique look from the rear side. Overall it has got a good look.U shaped grill on its face looks pretty having its emblem in the centre. Head lamps and fog lamps add even more beauty for its exterior. While Maruti Swift is comparatively dull in my view. It looks awesome with dual tone color. The dashboard has got very decent look with some boxes to carry your valuables. It will have some common interior features like, AC, power windows, power steering with adjustment, remote central locking. Thus Toyota Etios Liva is the best in comparision to Maruti Swift.