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Tips on Selling a Used Car | How to Sell a Used Car

Tips on Selling a Used Car ( How to Sell a Used Car)

Selling a used car is an art. It will help you if you are informed about the places where you can sell it and what you need to do before you putĀ  the can on sale.

It may be worth trying out before you sell your car for cheap to a dealer or Trade in. So here are tips and how to sell a used car

– Lit your car on car selling websites. Sites like Autotrader charge $60 per listing. At Starredreviews car selling portal you can list your used car for free. Craigslist is another good place where you can list your car for free. The disadvantage of Craigslist is that, buyers can not search for cars with zip code.

– Clean your car when you put it on sale. A cleaner car is appreciated during test drive and command you higher resale price.

– Find the KBB ( Kelly Blue Book value) and price it accordingly. Generally pricing slightly above the KBB works best – but be prepared to lower the price, if you want to sell it fast.

– Once a potential buyer calls you fix the time and let him test drive. If he likes to test drive, do not forget to check his/her driving license.

– If he/she likes, negotiate a price and ask for cash or check. If he hands over the check insist on getting it en cashed before you hand over keys.

– Once you receive the payments, you will need to hand over the signed title paper. You will also need a Bill of Sale. Search for a template Bill of Sale, print it and sign it.

– Be sure to remove the License plate before the buyer drives away the car. In most states ( Including for example MA) you need to return the Car plates before you can ask for cancellation of the Insurance.

– Cancel the Insurance so that they do not continue to charge you.

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