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TomTom XXL 550TM GPS Review

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TomTom XXL 550TM GPS is Global Positioning System which is hand held device, which may come in handy for people who are traveling to a place newly. The package comes with TomTom – XXL 550TM GPS, Adhesive disk, easy port mount, USB cable, owners manual, lifetime maps voucher and car charger which has an integrated traffic receiver. The TomTom  XXL 550TM GPS comes with preloaded maps for some major places like United States, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico, which has more than seven million places which are of people’s interest.

The screen display is 5 inches in dimension and it is a touch screen to make it more easy to use the same. The battery life support is for three hours maximum and there is a lifetime free update for maps and traffic that is available. The Text to speech and turn by turn voice prompts provides the user a peaceful mind and can keep his eyes on the road. The Voice guidance is one good tool that can help you prevent accidents while referring to maps and driving at the same time. In United States if there is a upcoming multilane exits is opened you can get the update of the same on TomTom  XXL 550TM GPS.

You can also download maps from other users. Another major advantage is that it is so compact so you   can carry it anywhere and everywhere. TomTom  XXL 550TM GPS height is 3.5 inches and width of the product is 5.25 inches. The number of way points supported is 48 and features like Mp3 playback, WAAS, PC Connectivity and inbuilt blue tooth are not present in this model. TomTom  XXL 550TM GPS is not water resistant and it has only DC adapter and does not have an AC adapter. TomTom – XXL 550TM GPS has the 3 dimensional map view feature and it does have an antennae. Features that it miss are Car locater, calculator, FM transmitter, currency converter, Internet connectivity and world travel clock. TomTom XXL-550TM GPS comes with one year warranty for parts and labor. Hand strap, data cards support, audio book player and sorting of the destinations are not available. The maps are provided by TeleAtlas. This new generation finding things are made easy with the advancements of the electronics technologies, TomTom XXL 550TM GPS is one such tool which makes traveling much easier for people. Safety menu is enabled in TomTom – XXL 550TM GPS and voice recognition feature is not supported in this. Simply TomTom XXL -550TM GPS is the best Global Positioning System that anyone will want to have in their hand to make their travel smooth, the cost is pretty cheap compared to the features that in comprises of.

Pros of TomTom XXL 550TM

It has big display.

Traffic camera with warning beep

Cons of TomTom XXL 550TM

No naming of the streets

At Amazon it is available at $219 though price varies from store to store.

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