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Top 10 reasons to hate Apple iPad / iPad 2

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Top 10 Reasons to Hate Apple iPad / iPad 2

The purpose of this article is not to ridicule iPad, a revolutionary product, at least as far as the sales figures go and as far as the reaction of the people en masse is concerned. But then every product has its merits and demerits. We expect that Apple can work on some of these on future releases of iPad and iPad 2.

1. Apple iPad does not support printing – As compared to a netbook, printing document is never seamless with Apple iPad. There are applications, some of them at $10 or so, that claim to work on wifi printers, but the support for printers is not universal. In this area, the iPad suffers from the same problem the Linux has. In Linux, at least you can try to post your problem and someone from the open source community can come to your help.

2. There is no SD Card slot – Apple charges an extra $100 for 32 GB version iPad in comparison to the 16 GB version. Why not give 16 GB version with a SD slot ? People will buy a 16GB SD card just for $30 from eBay. The SD card slot could be used for seamlessly transferring the data between a camera and the Apple iPad.

3. There is no USB slot – At least not directly. You will need an Apple Dock that sells for $29. It is only then that you get the access to the USB port. Do you know any netbook or a notebook which needs an additional adapter to extend the USB slot.

4. Apple iPad can break easily, mechanically – Apple touts the iPad as thin. However, if you consider the cover that it comes with, its thickness becomes pretty close to some of the thin notebooks around. And if you remove the cover, the iPad will break if it happens to fall on a hard floor.

5. iPad does not come with a Camera – You go to buy a notebook or a netbook under $400 and it does not come with an integrated camera. Will you buy it ? Absolutely no. Integrated camera has become a Universal requirement in almost all the notebook, netbook and it was reasonable to expect one in a $600+ device called iPad.

Update – As pointed by John, the iPad2 does come with camera. However when the first iPad was launched there is no camera.

6. Is there a way you can open two windows in an iPad – True, iPad does support multitasking, in the sense that you can listen to Pandora while browsing safari. But can you really do the multitasking as far as the real world tasks are concerned. Can you browse safari while chatting on AIM ? I would like to know how.

7. No Support for HDMI – Look at the AMD’s fusion E-350 based notebooks and netbooks, these sub $450 netbooks and notebooks come with great leap in graphics performance and almost all of them come with HDMI ouput. All you need is a simple, single inexpensive HDMI cable universally available. Hook it to your HDTV and you are ready to go. Instead, Apple wants you to buy another white box, that they call Apple TV.

8. No real keyboard – This is actually not a very good reason to hate iPad. Its touch interface has been designed in a different way. But think of the Toshiba convertible netbook design – the Toshiba M780, for example. When it folds, its becomes like an iPad, and if you open up, you get a full fledged keyboard.

9. Apple iPad is a closed Ecosystem– Apple does not support any browser other than Safari. Imagine your Windows operating system not allowing any browser other than the internet explorer. Apple is a closed system – it only allows things that it wants. There is some merit in this path, however, we found banning the Google Voice too offensive. It allows only approved applications.

10. The 10th reason will be selected from your comment. So feel free to come up with your own reason to hate Apple iPad. We will select your reason and post here.

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  1. pt456
    November 12th, 2012 at 06:05 | #1

    Apple has no respect for the court orders. When it lost the case to Samsung in UK court it was asked to post an apology on its website. Instead of posting apology it did just reverse – posted the fact that the UK judge was wrong.

    Apple should be tried for contempt of court and its CEO should be put behind the bar.

  2. Anonymous
    November 28th, 2012 at 23:09 | #2

    Everyone forgot another reason (that’s shared by other tablets, alas). When the battery wears out, the tablet is now junk. I guess Steve Jobs simply scrapped cars when he needed a jump and bought new cars because he was so rich. So, he simply took his own wastefulness and added it to the iEverything. Apple being green? About as green as an oil company.

    NOTE: Apple is not the only company to ship jobs to dime an hour China. All the computer companies are guilty. For a $500 iPad, only $8 worth of labor goes in it per ABC News – at an alleged $2/hour. I suspect the ABC News estimate of wages is off. More like the dime.

  3. September 28th, 2014 at 17:35 | #3

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