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Tortuguero National Park, costa rica A real beauty

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Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica is one of those places that offer lots of attractions to its visitors. One of the main attractions of this park is turtle-watching tour that occurs during night when turtles come back to their nests for laying their eggs. During this tour, only guide touch is permitted and visitors can’t talk to avoid the disturbance for the mother turtles in their fragile state. This all view of egg laying seems to be very much interesting.

Turtles are not the only species that you can find in this rainforest as you can also see the howler monkeys as well, by taking some boat tour. Moreover, you can also catch the sight of various varieties of amazing and colorful tropical birds. In short, this place is ideal for those that love the animals and nature.

But this place is not very much comfortable as weather here remains hot, humid and rainy. Moreover, hotels in this place are also not very good and do not offer the quality services. But if you are really a true nature lover then don’t worry about these things, just go there and enjoy the proceedings.

Travelers can stay in the nearby Tortuguero Costa Rica. The Tortuguero Costa Rica is a primitive and secluded village with no modern amenities. There are there are no roads, no cars, and no banks or modern facilitied. You will however fins lodges and hotels and place where you can stay.

There are restaurants where you can try the food, but you may like to have something on your own to eat in case you do not like the food.

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