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Toshiba 32BV500B review – 32 Inch LCD HDTV

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Key Facts about the Toshiba 32BV500B HDTV

32 inch size
720p resolution
50 Hz refresh rate
– contrast ratio 4000:1
– You can view 50 TV stations and 24 radio stations without Cable TV substcription

Toshiba thinks differently in design and functionality aspects in their products This 32’’ 32BV500B LCD HD ready TV exemplifies the same. For capturing the outstanding performance with an added difference you never need to go far while choosing a Toshiba product. The exclusive feature of this TV is the free view feature with 7 day EPG (Electronic Program Guide). This allows you to view about 50 TV channels and 24 radio stations without monthly subscription. The built in digital tuner and signal receiver is capable of performing this amazing service without any external fitting devices. This cool feature turns your TV to a real magic box which exposes the world of unlimited possibilities.

This highly demanding LCD HD TV has 81cm wide display with 1366x768p resolution which often crosses the limitations of a normal 720p display. The brightness level comes around 450cd/m2. The native contrast ratio of 32BV500B HDTV is 4000:1 with a screen refresh rate of 50Hz. This television consumes 150 Watts power on normal operation. High brightness level safeguard the display from the ugly darker images. The USB port can plug & play your videos and music without interruptions. The 2 HDMI ports allows you to simultaneously connect a blue ray disc player and a gaming device without manually changing the plug each time.

The interactive touch screen interface at the base allows you to smoothly control the TV with a simple touch. The TV executes the touch commands with a click sound, a cool feature that attracts technology enthusiasts. The backlight and bright white line at the base while on the standing mode allows you to work on touch interface easily on night time. The timer function in this TV is more advanced than any other LCD TV. The timer options can be set in such a way to program the channels to play for a week. You can decide how much time each channel should be played on a day and how much time the TV should operate. So it is highly recommended for VESA mounting on crowded places and corporate establishments. High brightness also supports open viewing to a higher extent.

The remote is cool in design and operation with straight square buttons placed at wide distance. This avoids the chance of errors while switching channels. The ‘OK’ button can freeze an image. This functions as a lock when somebody is unaware of this. The rubber back protects the remote from external shocks. The sound scheme is with a different niche having two 6W thin speakers. The thickness of the TV comes about 3cm with wide side panels. This adds more value to the visual appeal but, users with space constraints may consider this as a problem.

Toshiba 32BV500B – TV doesn’t automatically detect HDMI inputs. You may need to manually select the input cable or source using the interactive menu options. The audio jack volume can’t be controlled with the volume button on the remote. You need to go to the headphone volume settings on the detailed menu options for doing this. While using as PC monitor 2cm black border may come. As it is a 32” display this never creates much problem. While using for games, this TV is easy to configure compared to other LCD HD TVs.

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  1. Jesus
    January 18th, 2011 at 21:48 | #1

    I wish I had this TV because I DISH and they are offering HD free for life. I can get HD channels for no additional cost on my monthly bill. I actually work at DISH and I can say that they have the most HD channels than any other provider. Check it out at dish.com/hd200!

  2. August 18th, 2012 at 02:09 | #2

    Very nice.I think it very useful because there are so many television nowadays that you’d definitely have to repair it.I will always trying to read all articles of your’s.

  3. Predrag Jovanovic
    February 11th, 2013 at 10:51 | #3

    Is 32BV500B compatible with SAORVIEW in Ireland? Or does it require a SAORVIEW add-on box? I tried to connect the set to the TV aerial, did the automatic serch, all the radio stations were recognised but none of the TV channela. Thansk in advance…