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Toshiba 37E200U LCD HDTV

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Another name that comes to mind when you think of consumer electronics is that of Toshiba. Not an exclusive big name but neither small that it can be written off so easily. And Toshiba definitely does a good job to bring high quality products to the consumer. The Toshiba 37E200U high definition (True HD) LCD TV is one such worthy product from the Toshiba stable and with a moderate price tag too. The styling and quality of Toshiba 37E200U faces no comprising conditions and comes with a sparkling slim design with tapered bezel. The horizontally lined screen and the MP3 playback accessibility through USB port offers stunning output thereby giving theater effect to your home entertainment system.

Toshiba 37E200U is designed with a magnificent 37 inches LCD screen with high definition resolution of 1080p to give sharp and fine picture clarity. The resolution offered by this model is two times more than any other HD models in the market. Viewing pleasure is enhanced in any lighting condition with the upgraded technology of DynaLight backlight brightness monitoring tool. This offers better contrast of pictures by adjusting backlight intensity. The Native mode associated with the 37E200U model of Toshiba helps to restore the original size of picture by dismissal of unnecessary task of over-scanning.

Benefits of cable connections or satellite boxes, PC, DVD players, Camcorder, digital Still cameras, handycam etc. is simplified with four HDMI input ports. The HDMI port is additionally featured with InstaPort fast switching functionality which facilitates instant connection of HDMI sources. The integrated REGZA-LINK technology facilitates the management of peripheral video devices through a single remote control. Additionally, it features Photo Frame capability with which your HDTV can turn into a digital photo frame and the picture display can be controlled by your remote control. Entertainment is further enhanced with naturalistic gaming experience when your favorite PC games are operated through the available PC Input.

The 37 inches 37E200U HDTV from Toshiba is featured with Energy Star certification which reveals the optimum utilization of energy, thereby saving power. The user friendly menu options are displayed in three languages comprising English, French and Spanish making it an ideal entertainment device for all the users. Toshiba 37E200U LCD HDTV, the device with high resolution comes with a price tag of $649.99 with the warranty coverage of 1 year on its labor and parts. It is designed to make its place on a dedicated table for your TV or the device weighing 30 lbs can be artistically mounted on the wall. With the dynamic aspect ratio and all the innovative key features as well as user friendly settings, it is proved to be the best replacement for your old TV.

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