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Toshiba NB505-N508GN NB505-N508OR NB505-N508BN netbooks

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The Toshiba’s NB505 series of notebooks have four different part numbers that are distinguished with the last two letters in their part number. The NB505-N508GN is green in color, NB505-N508OR is orange in color while the NB505-N508BN is brown in color. Not included in this review is the NB505-N508BL, which comes in blue color.

The NB505-N508 series comes with Intel Atom N455 processor. The Intel Atom N455 is a single core 1.66 GHz processor that should be good enough for your computing needs.

The review below has been taken from the review of the NB505-N508BL – the blue version. But, should apply to the NB505-N508GN NB505-N508OR NB505-N508BN as well, the only difference being the color.

We chose Toshiba NB505-N508BL Netbook as it is one of the lowest cost netbook available under $300. While there are bunch of $268 netbooks from Acer, quality conscious customers may prefer Toshiba over the Acer. At $30 extra price you may possibly be getting slightly better brand name.

Toshiba NB505-N508BL is powered by Intel Atom N455 processor, a single core 1.66 GHz clock frequency. The processor was never designed to be a processing horsepower. Instead, its main aim was low power and the mobility. Obviously, if you are looking for more processing power, this notebook is not the one for you.

The NB505-N508BL from Toshiba comes with 1GB DDR2 SDRAM memory that according to the specification listed can be expanded to to 2GB. Makes sure that you do not run out of the memory for the kind of applications you will be running. If you open browser, an xl sheet and a word document and couple of more applications, you will run out of memory and processing will be slow. If most of your works involve surfing the net , emails and document editing, you should be fine.

This Toshiba notebook comes with 250GB SATA hard drive that can potentially save over 130 hours of HD video. As far as the Hard disk is concerned, there should not be any issue with the space.

The display has a size of 10.1 inch driven by Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150. The quality of the display itself is pretty good. The NB505-N508BL comes with wired and wireless networks.

Other positive features include the webcam and microphone that will allow you to do the chat with your family and friends. It does come with 3 USB ports and a VGA connector that you can use if you are giving a demo.

In general, starred reviews thinks that netbooks in general are not worth buying unless extreme mobility is your prime concern. And this recommendation applies to Toshiba NB505-N508BL. You may like to spend an extra $100 and buy a notebook instead.

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