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Toshiba Satellite C655-S5225 – Pentium T4500

In the age of where Sandy Bridge processor has been launched and talks of Ivy Bridge as well as the rival AMD’s Hammer processor is the talk of street, why would anyone be interested in a notebook powered by an older Pentium T4500 processor ? This is the question you may be asking with the Toshiba’s Satellite C655-S5225 notebook available at best buy – being a new arrival at one of the largest gadgets store house of US.

And the reason that you may still be interested in Toshiba’s C655-S5225 is its inexpensive price of $379. A budget conscious customer who does not has play high end game and do not run video processing or compiles programs, may still find the computer good enough for his daily tasks including surfing net and uploading pics and video on facebook ( For more than 50% persons in US, surfing net has become a synonym to visiting facebook). This will also bee good for the document editing, emails, running software that required moderate computing power.

Before we review other aspects of this notebook, it may be worthwhile to know a bit about its processor – Pentium T4500. At 2.3 GHz, this processor has two cores and is not really as slow as you may think. It is much faster than the Apple’s latest iPad and is priced much lower. The question is – if people can find iPad useful and speed is not an issue, why not a notebook that is powered by a dual core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz. Of course, it is not as fast as the newer Intel’s Sandy Bridge based notebook processor, but you could not have asked for anything better at $379. The Pentium T4500 is based upon an older architecture that was based upon the assumption that the memory technology was still evolving and hooking memory directly to the processor was not an option. This architecture allowed the memory to be hooked to another chip – called north bridge, allowing different combination of the north bridge and memory for supporting different kinds of memories while keeping the design of the processor unchanged.

This perception changed when it became clear that the DDR memory was going to be a defacto standard in near future. The Processor – North Bridge – Memory architecture is slightly less efficient that the Processor – Memory architecture and slightly slower memory transfer rate. But nothing that you will notice until you run a program that requires a huge memory and its usages.

Satellite C655-S5225 comes with 4 GB of DDR3 memory – the latest in the series of the DDR memories. Again pretty good for everything you would do with this machine. This memory is on the top of the 1 MB of L2 cache memory inside the T4500 processor.

You can get other details of the specifications for this machine at bestbuy. It has 320 GB of hard disk, 15.6 inch display , 2 USB ports and wired and wireless LAN capability – nothing that is not present in any of today’s notebook. The graphics is powered by Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M. The notebook does come with a webcam that can be used for videos, chat and webcam.

The Toshiba Satellite C655-S5225 is available in store at most stores in best buy. You can also order it online for saving tax in most states. We did not find this notebook at Amazon or other online stores. At amazon the notebooks with similar specs powered by T4500 are available in the prices around $400. Dell’s Inspiron N5030 iN5030-2112B3D, for example, is available at $439. It has almost identical specifications.

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