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Toshiba Satellite P750-ST4NX2

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The Satellite P750-ST4NX2 from Toshiba is a high end computing machine powered by Intel’s Core i7-2630QM processor. Its key differentiating factor is the 6 GB Memory ( most notebooks today come only with 4 GB of memory) and a USB 3.0 port in addition yo the fast processor. However its screen size is only 15.6, which may be a disappointment for you, if you are looking for a larger screen.

Why Satellite P750-ST4NX2 is expensive ?

The notebook is priced at close to $1K at Toshiba Direct. We did not find it other other retailers. The Toshiba Site, actually shows it at $1199 – however, when you click on the Shop online on its site, it is showing a price of $999 – still a little a littel expensive ? Why ?

The major component that makes this notebook expensive is the Core i7-2730QM, a fast quad core processor for laptops. Based on the Sandy Bridge architecture this processor also has Hyperthreading and and a better integrated graphics performance. Sandy Bridge , according to notebookcheck – “is the evolutionary successor of the Arrandale architecture”. The Sandy Bridge architecture improves in the areas of the Turbo 2.0, the and the graphics section. The nominal clock rate of this processor is 2.0 GHz, that can ramp to 2.9 GHz ( not all cores simultaneously) based upon the demand.

However, we think that the notebook is slightly overpriced. It looks like this notebook is not for en masse and that seems to be one reason why the low sale volume will shoot up its price. The reasons that can stand out as compelling for buying this notebook seems to be its USB 3.0 Port, the bluetooth and a faster processor. If you do not plan to utilize heavily one of more of these features, there are definitely cheaper notebooks, including many from Toshiba itself available.

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