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Toshiba Tablet Preview

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Toshiba is the Japanese Consumer electronics and computer manufacturer, planning to come up with its latest innovation of Tablet with larger screen and an operating software base of Google Android, which will be known as Toshiba Tablet. This innovation will be displayed for the first time in CES (Consumer Electronics Show) that will be held in Las Vegas. Toshiba is trying to provoke its buyers by offering the sleek slate with bigger size than the Apple Ipad. It will enhance the taste buds with latest upcoming Android version of Honeycomb. The most appealing feature of this tablet is its touch screen measuring 10.1 inches which would be slightly bigger than iPad which measures 9.7 inches. The slate will have a black glossy face impregnated with rubber towards rear side weighing around 1.7 pounds. Along with soft keyboard it will also accompany a physical keyboard to facilitate its use for longer time.

The current versions of Android OS are designed mostly for the optimum use in mobile technology. While, the upcoming Honeycomb version will efficiently support the larger screen of Toshiba Tablet. The HD touch screen embedded on the tablet will offer good resolution of 1080 pixels which is claimed to be the best feature available with televisions today. With incorporation of latest Android Honeycomb operating system the applications will split the screen into multiple views thereby enhancing the view of screen. But the same application will look different when used in mobile technology. The incorporation of Android OS Honeycomb version will make the downloading task of applications from online market very easy. It will also help to download your favorite games, songs and movies along with e-books from online market owned by Toshiba.

Toshiba Tablet is featured with front camera of 2 MP to facilitate video chatting and the rear camera with 5 mega pixel. The images and videos can be viewed on the larger HD screen of your television through HDMI port that is included with the tablet. If desired, you can even sit back and watch HD movies on bigger screen that is stored in your tablet. The tablet from Toshiba will get its power through Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor.

Toshiba Tablet will facilitate easy transmission of files on air by employing Bluetooth technology. It will as well take advantage of GPS antenna for path navigation. Along with this the tablet will be equipped with extendable memory slots comprising of SD memory card, mini USB port and USB port. Tablet from Toshiba is believed to get a battery possessing capacity of more than 7 hours. This can even be utilized for watching videos and playing games. The Tablet is expected to be a Wi-Fi enabled device but currently has no chance to access wireless carriers.

Toshiba Tablet with wide array of innovative features is expected to be seen in market towards the end of June this year with the estimated price ranging from $499 to $829 according to its attributes.

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