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Toyota annunciates prices for its 2011 models

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Toyota Motors declared the market prices for its 2011 introductions along with the price revision of previously existing 2011 models. The new introductions are subcompact Yaris, Tundra, Land Cruiser and Sequoia. These cars will appear in market by August whereas RAV4 will appear in September. Let us take a quick glance at its features and prices:

I)       2011 Yaris is equipped with unique safety feature like brake control technology as standard amenity along with the sun visor extensions for lift-back models. The ballpark base price for Yaris with manual transmission will be $12,855 whereas for Sedan with automatic transmission will be $14,415 evincing a raise of around 2.0%.

II)    Toyota Tundra is arriving in a completely new package where ashtray and cigarette lighters are replaced by 12V power outlet as standard feature. The truck comes with highly efficient dual VVTi system, hydraulic lifters and most important brakes control technology. The basic investment for 2011 Toyota Tundra with 4 liter V6 model will hang in between $23,935 to $42,455 for powerful 5.7 liter V8 4WD model with the raise of upto 1.7%. Limited models will carry same price structure.

III)   Land Cruiser is a large-size SUV. It comes will brake control technology and cabin seat belt as standardized system. It lands heavily with the price of around $67,370, a raise of 2.1%.

IV)  The 2011 Sequoia full-size SUV also has a brake control technology along with automatic lighting. Higher versions will have premium wood- grain-styled interior trim. The gauged base price for 2011 Sequoia with SR5 4.6 liter cylinder V8 2WD engine model will vary from $39,580 to $59,955 for the 5.7- liter cylinder V8 4WD engine model, a raise of upto 1.4%.

V)     The first crossover SUV – RAV4 comes with brake control system as standard amenity in its 2011 version. 2011 RAV4 version can be customized using optional luxury entities such as 6-CD music system, moon-roof, luxurious door handles, roof rails, tinted glass and lavish interior fabrics, alloy wheels sized 17inches and newly arrived automatic lighting. The price estimates for 4 cylinder 2WD RAV4 model are expected to fluctuate from $21,925 to $28,235 for 6 cylinder 4WD version having auto transmission engine, showcasing the raise upto 1.2 percent.

Now let us glance over the price alterations of already existing Toyota models such as Avalon, Camry, Camry Hybrid midsize sedan and Sienna.

I)       Avalon which was launched in 1995 as a passenger car is still known for its class value, performance and luxury. The starting price for 2011 Avalon accelerates from $32,455 to $35,685 giving a 0.6% raise.

II)    Ever sparkling 2011 Camry gets the price overhaul of $19,720 for four cylinder version and $29,370 for XLE V6. 2011 Camry hybrid adorns a price revision of $26,575 mulling the raise of 0.7%.

III)  The third generation or 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan gets the price alteration from $24,460 for four cylinder model to $39,970 for Limited V6 AWD model showcasing the raise upto 0.8%.

IV)  2011 Scion XD comes in all new robes. It is equipped with grille resembling honey-comb and extra stylish spoiler. It comes with improved shock absorber and the new fabric interior. The estimated cost will be around $15,045 and $15,845 for manual transmission model and automatic transmission model respectively.

Servicing fees will be levied depending on the model type as well as regions.

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