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Traveling from Teliarganj to Naini ITI in Allahabad

Traveling from Teliarganj to Naini ITI in Allahabad

I had a chance to travel from Teliarganj to ITI Naini in Allahabad district. There has been a pleasant improvement in the quality of the traffic and the communication. Five years ago, a person had to take a Tempo and there used to be 2 or three hops to reach the destination. The Buses not go directly from Shantipuram all way to Raymond factory in Naini.

The ticket between Teliarganj and ITI Naini was Rs. 15 which we can say to be priced right given the increase in the diesel and the petrol prices. The frequency of the bus has been good with one bus passing every 30 minutes or so. The average time is therefore around 15 to 30 minutes. Due to the increased frequency, there is ample space in the Bus and you will more often than not get a seat.

The Bus goes through two routes. One is via the Anand Bhawan route and the other is via Beli Road. Both routes take roughly the same time. The intermediate points may be of interest for you.

While traveling to Naini you will also get a glimpse of the picturesque new four way Bridge built on Naini. It replaced the older bridge which had become the bottleneck in the Naini to Allahabad traffic. There is an increase in the traffic between Jhunsi and Allahabad area and it was observed that the traffic coming from the City and Jhunsi created a bottleneck at the bridge on the City side. We are not sure how the traffic is going to be handled during the 2012 Kumbh mela in Allahabad.

If you do not want to stuck into the traffic, bike may be a good option. Traveling on bike is however not a pleasant experience with a lot of air, wind mixed with dust and pollution can make you tired and sick. It will however get you to the destination quicker.

If you have a car, you may want to use it, if you can afford. Financially this is a good way to go if you want a family or pleasure travel.

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