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Use mylot.com tasks to promote your online startups

A large number of people use mylot.com to make petty money by posting pictures, comments and participating in discussions. Unfortunately mylot.com pay too little for the posts people write on it. Typical payment is $0.01 for each post they make. This is ridiculously small. Notice that mylot has a very strict policy on the quality of the posts. If your posts are meaningless, just 5 or 10 words, they will delete the account and all your earnings will stand forfeited. A typical post has to be 50 words. This will make your earning roughly $0.10 for each 500 words you write. A typical 500 post review typically earns at least $2.00. Obviously mylot.com is more for the benefit for the owners than for you.

It turns out that most of the users on mylot are from India, Nepal, Philippines and Pakistan. There English is acceptable and the discussions are along the relations, daily life, movie and other daily chit chat. Many times you can feel that the discussions and continuing just for the sake of it. People rarely write from heart. Although the topics are interesting, the discussions are unnatural. You can make it out that people write for the sake of 1 single cent rather than what their hearts say. So a typical discussion start with -” A friend is better or a lover” anb then an endless monotonous discussion starts making what otherwise would have been an interesting topic to a useless thread.

We highly discourage users to stay away from joining mylot for the purpose of making money. Your time is more valuable than one cent. You can for example use minifreelance that can earn you typically $0.50 for 10 minutes of your task. You will have to post 50 decent quality post on mylot to earn that much.

However, mylot task is a little better. It works similar to minifreelance. You can choose the task of your choice and complete it. You may choose not to work for the small paying tasks.

An even better use of the mylot will be to use it for your own gain. For example, if you are a forum owner and want your forum to be filled with new posts, you may use mylot task and ask people to post on your forum. Mylot charges 20% from you for posting a task. So if you pay $1 to the workers, you need to pay $0.20 to mylot ( $1.20 in total).

These $1.20 can do wonders for your online startup, if you are using it properly.

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