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Useful tips to protect your confidential information on the web

Online financial operations are always indulged with some extent of risk. Precautions from customer side are inevitable for ensuring full safety irrespective of the initiatives from banker. You can notice the general tips as an initial measure.

1. Use a complex password with alphabets and numbers.
2. Watch for the lock symbol at the right of bottom information bar of your browser.
3. Always type the web address for your net banking directly instead of clicking the link from browsing history or bookmarks.
4. Ensure that your browser is displaying https instead of http at the beginning of web address before logging into the web page before you.
5. Never click any email links for logging in even the mail seems to be got from your bank itself.
6. Use the onscreen keyboard provided by your banker to input the secret passwords.

In modern online financial solutions extra layer of security measures are adopted to screen the fraudsters and protect the customer interests. Confidential information is also collected for surveys and marketing purposes. Saving non-trusted web pages to your desktop makes direct access for the information hacker to your PC while connected on internet. You are not advised to install unnecessary plug-in files to your browser. Sometimes precaution from your side is the effective way to safeguard you from fraudsters. If your system is infected with serious problems which cannot be corrected with virus detection system or an antivirus, just format the operating system drive of your hard disk. After re-installing the operating system follow the quick tips. Also don’t be addicted to internet and downloading without using advanced browser settings. You need to throw away the habit of installing everything to your PC while it contains some private data which is of much importance as you’re concerned.

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