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Using Fancy Table in wordpress using plugin

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1. Login to your wordpress account and go to Plugins under the Appearance.
2.Click on the Add New Button Next to the Plugins
3. Search for “WP-Table Reloaded”. Hit the Search Plugin Button after you give your search term
4. Look at the first search result t”hat says – WP-Table Reloaded enables you to create and manage tables in your WP’s
admin area ….” etc” – in the last it should have something like by Tobias Bäthge”.
5. Click On Install Now under “WP-Table Reloaded”
6. Confirm and then click on “Activate Plugin”.
7. In the Dashboard, on the left hand side go to Tools. Look for WP-Table Reloaded. Click on that.
8. Click on Add a Table. Enter a Default Table name and Typical Number of Columns and Row and this will take you to the next screen. Give a Table ID – say,1. You will use this table id in future for similar tables.
9. Fill up the Table and Save it.
10. Use, the following to test the code.
[ table id=N alternating_row_colors= true /]
Do not forget to replace N by 1 or 2 etc..

11. Here is an example on how the Table looks like.

[table id=1 alternating_row_colors= true /]


– You may wrap the code around


to set the width of table of center it. For example look at the following code


1. If at any point of time you decide to delete the plugin, you stand to loose all the Tables. So be very careful, especially if you are using it for a large number of table.

2. The Table was foud to give a lot of space when the following was enabled

Yes, use the “DataTables” JavaScript library with this table. You can change further settings for this library below.

3. For more details please go to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-table-reloaded/

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