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Verizon iPhone Plans – Unlimited Data Plans ?

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According to The Wall Street Journal, there are plans to offer iPhone user’s unlimited data plans. These plans will be offered to Verizon iPhone users when Verizon starts to sell the phone in a few weeks. Although its monthly prices are lower than Verizon, all AT&T can offer their customers capped data plans. Verizon’s unlimited data plans for iPhone customers will cost around $30.00 a month and the most generous plan AT&T offers their customers 2 gig of data for $25.00 a month. Some fear that with Verizon’s move to offer the iPhone with unlimited data plans is going to cause price wars between wireless providers, which is something they hope to avoid.

Approximately 300 million people in the United States are wireless subscribers with one of the four major carriers. The four major providers will have to fight for their fair share of the market. These carriers are now offering great prices as a means to attract customers. These carriers are AT&T, Verizon wireless, Sprint-Nextel, and T-Mobile.

Two gigs of data are enough but Verizon is offering an unlimited data plan for iPhone customers. Will Verizon use this as a marketing sales pitch to lure customers away from AT&T? Verizon is stating that their number one reason for switching is that iPhone customers can make phone calls without having to worry about dropped calls.

At this time, Verizon has not said how much the unlimited data plans will cost a month but there is some speculation that it could be as high as $120.00 a month. This would be on top of texting and voice costs. If the charge was $120 a month plus texting and voice at the highest month fees the bill could cost approximately $330.00 a month. That is as much as some people pay for their car a month, or an apartment. Some analyses are saying that the iPhone uses a lot of data, which could result in an expensive plan to pay for all that data. Other analysists are saying that it would be a wrong move if Verizon charged so much. This is especially true if the iPhone costs are different from other smartphones, which run Android.

Today, Verizon offers 3G smartphone unlimited data plans for $29.99 a month. The monthly plan for Verizon iPhone focuses on data to figure the monthly price. This can become more complex because it has been announced that the iPhone will support up to five WiFi devices as a WiFi hotspot. At Verizon, other smartphones that offer similar WiFi access is $20.00 a month.

No one knows for sure how long Verizon will offer these unlimited data plans to their customers.

The situation between Verizon and AT&T, right now, is a wait-and-see game. In addition, Verizon is stating again that they are ready to roll out the iPhone but do not have a price figured for their unlimited data plan. No subscriber is going to switch to Verizon, sign a contract for one or two years before knowing what they will be paying monthly.

You can get the Verizon iPhone Plan details here.

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