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vid2mp3 now becomes vidtomp3

Recently we have started seeing that vid2mp3.com, a popular site that extracts the mp3 songs from youtube on a single click of mouse being diverted to vidtomp3.com. This is logical and correct, since, while the numeric 3 in vid2mp3 was right, the numeric 2 did not translate into intended characters / numerals.

From users perspective, vidtomp3 is a huge success. It enables download of the MP3 songs which are otherwise difficult to trace. In many cases music lovers only wish to listen to the songs and not the complete video, which may have interruption on account on bandwidth limitation. Listening youtube for mp3 songs is a huge wastage of bandwidth. Vidtomp3 helps you listen the songs offline.

From the content creator perspective it can be a huge loss and have copyright implications. The original content creators gains by posting relevant information on youtube, which sometimes gets it needed intention. When people download and listen to the mp3, it may be loosing its business.

While there are a large number of video to mp3 converters that can be used offline vidtomp3 does it online on a single click of mouse button. It looks like the processing power of the server machine is used when it extracts the mp3 from the video. The process is surprisingly fast, given the fact that decoding of the mp3 is a computationally complex task.

You should be aware of the copyright implications of extracting, downloading, storing and using the mp3 songs on your computer. If the content creator allows free use of the mp3 songs of the youtube video, you should be fine.

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