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ViewSonic 19″ LCD Wide screen Monitor VA1931WA Review

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ViewSonic 19″ LCD Wide screen Monitor VA1931WA is the latest LCD computer monitor available in the market for the users at a cost of 122 dollars. This monitor has 19 inch LCD display, which is measured along its diagonal. This is energy star compliant thus it does not add to global warming or green house effect. This is a wide screen monitor meaning the width is more than that of the height. Thus it provides 16 : 9 aspect ratio.

The maximum screen display resolution supported by ViewSonic VA1931WA monitor is 1366 X 768 pixels. The dynamic contrast ratio rakes up to 100000:1, whereas the normal contrast ratio measures 1000:1 and this dynamic contrast ratio offers the user with great color richness and resolution. This is ultra fast monitor as its response time is as less as 5 milliseconds. The maximum horizontal viewing angle offered to the user by this monitor is 170 degrees and the maximum vertical viewing angle supported by this monitor measures 160 degrees. The image brightness offered by this monitor measures 250 candela per metre squared. The panel color is black and it makes this monitor look great and stylish. The service and support warranty provided by the manufacturer covers three years from the date of purchase but it is limited by certain exceptions.

ViewSonic 19″ LCD Wide screen Monitor VA1931WA has 1 VGA input port and one audio input port. The cables that are supplied along with this monitor are 1 audio cable and one VGA cable. Viewsonic wizard software is preloaded and comes along the monitor. The power consumed in normal operating conditions is 20 Watts. The maximum and minimum temperature at which this monitor can work normally is 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The humidity range at which this monitor can work normally is from 10 percentage to 90 percentage. The AC voltage that needs to be given to this monitor can be 120 Volts at 60 hertz or 220 Volts at 50 hertz. The security lock slot is also present in this monitor. The user as per their wish can either mount this on the wall or keep it on the table. The power consumption of  ViewSonic VA1931WA is lesser than that of the other monitors that are available in the market. What makes this monitor best choice is that this has internal speakers and also it is environmental friendly and also comes at a affordable cost. The performance of this monitor is also as good as it looks so this is a perfect monitor that can fit in one’s house or in office. The viewing experience provided by this monitor is ultimate and also it saves user’s eyes from any harmful effecting when working for long time in front of the computer.

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