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Viore LC37VF56 37 inches HDTV Review

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Viore has recently offered the latest upgradation in the class of LCD televisions – LC37VF56. This model is known to boast the high end resolution at the price range of $359 as well as the manufactures warranty of not more than 1 year. The television set comes with a full function remote control. The LCD television set with 37 inches screen offers the clear vision at HD resolution of 1080 pixel. Viore LC37VF56 is powered with the power source of 60 Hz. Here LCD televisions are advantageous over plasma televisions as they utilize lesser power. The diagonal corner to corner measurement of the display is 37 inches. Width and height of the television are 44.12 inches and 29.56 inches respectively.

Unlike heavier plasma televisions, LCD televisions are lighter in weight which makes the wall mounting of these televisions very easy. The sleek design can also be placed on the table tops or the dedicated tops for the TV. The family can then experience the joy of the best HD resolution whose matrix is of 1920 X 1080. Crisp images are produced with 1080 pixel horizontal resolution. The associated flat screen offers clear visibility from any corner of the room. Wherever be the place of your television, it offers the highest brightness of 400 cd/m2 with the response time of 6.5 ms. With just one cable connection, the Viore LCD offers the best HD resolution without any loss. The maximum viewing pleasure is offered at the ratio of 16:9 and the maximum contrast ratio is at 100000:1. Thetuner of Viore LC37VF56 is very much capable of reviving ATSC signals that are digitally modulated and NTSC signals that are encoded via analog process.

The Viore LC37VF56 comes with a surfeit of ports which facilitates the connection of external peripherals. Various input devices can be connected to the television with the help of 3 HDMI ports. It even facilitates the PC video input. Along with this these ports also facilitates the connection of camcorder and digital camera with ease. The 37 inch LCD television is loaded with additional VGA port, which allows the connection of your PC to the television. The theatre effect is revealed with the inbuilt virtual surround sound circuit. The ultimate surround sound experience is produced with the set of two speakers having the power of 3 Watt.

The complete package of HD resolution with sharp picture clarity and magnificent surround sound offers the ultimate theater experience in the privacy of their own house which is even less costly than that of a plasma television. Viore LC37VF56 is even more advantageous as its weight is lesser than the plasma TV which needs lot of care while mounting on the wall

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