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Viore LC55VFZ61 Review – Bigger screen LCD HDTV at a fair price

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Viore is the manufacturer of most economic television series. This Viore LC55VFZ61 55” LCD HDTV is attractive in design and simple to use and operate. The brand Viore is in electronic gadgets industry since 1950’s. This experience is fairly integrated in design and functionality of every Viore product. They can equally compete with any other top notch brands in quality and durability. Replacements due to error in function are very low for this compared to any other brand. The assurance is more when we get what we expected without any interruption for a long time.

The most attractive feature in Viore LC55VFZ61 is the big screen size, making it the focal point of the room even in high distance viewing. The settings and menu items are easy to configure. But, someone may say that much calibration settings are not available. This is because Viore never likes to make their products too complex. The installation of this TV can be done in 5 minutes. The packaging method used with this product is superb and immune to any sort of damage during shipping transits. All functions are centralized with the TV remote without any direct control panels below the screen may annoy some people. But, this is not a negative mark when a master remote does all the good jobs.

The Viore LC55VFZ61 has a dynamic contrast ratio of 15000:1 with wide view angle of 178 degrees. Being a large display HDTV this needs a high brightness value to use with the large living rooms. So, a high brightness level of 500cd/m2 is included for perfect viewing experience. There are component and composite video input ports including coaxial RF connector. In addition to 3 HDMI inputs, a VGA 15 pin connector is available to turn Viore LC55VFZ61 into a wonderful PC monitor. Gaming experience is excellent with all top notch devices available in market. Inbuilt digital ATSC and analog NTSC tuners are available for quick TV broadcast reception from anywhere, no matter to worry about your location and limitation with available accessories.

Someone may complain about the sound system as it becomes a little bit noisy and distracting one while going to louder volume levels. This is not much significant as it is a basic problem for any TV without an added 5.1 channel external audio device. But the relevant factor in this complaint is the playing speed and bass level which seems to distort the beauty of language. This TV can be mounted anywhere in your home at any position and even vertically hanging from the roof because the tilting option provided can adjust the relative position of the screen to correct this. There is a free service period of 1 year for this product. You never need to bargain much for this as the price already fixed for this TV as the price already fixed is lower than the expected one. You can take this for about 900$ approx from most of the online stores.

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