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Viore LED 19VH50 Review – low cost 19” LCD HDTV

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Viore LED 19VH50 – low cost 19” LCD HDTV

This LCD HDTV occupies the top seller position as the most cost saving, power saving, space saving television of the world. Viore targeted the mass customers while creating this awesome model in their creative brain. Usually the customer needs versatile requirements while purchasing an HDTV today. Televisions are ever time ultimate entertainment boxes of a modern home. Viore LED 19VH50 excellently exceeds the value of money paying for it. Due to the big rush stocks are emptying fast in all online stores. 1.5” thickness saving lot of space is attributed by the LED backlighting technology adopted in this model.

Viore LED 19VH50 is super power saver & significantly low energy costs for running it regularly. A peak consumption rate of 30W is unbelievable for this cute 19” 720p displaying reaching far beyond energy star 4.0 guidelines. A brightness level of 250cd/m2 is well enough to support a rich contrast ultra slim screen of 19”. Off axis viewing is better with the view angle value of 170 degrees. Base refresh rate of 60Hz is sufficient to support a well maintained pixel combination with rich contrast value of 10,000:1. Response time of 5 milliseconds is fast enough to process billions of rich colored frames on screen.

Viore LED 19VH50 is well choice for using as a quick receiver for air broadcasts in HD mode. The built in ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner can directly draw the signals from your coaxial RF input cable. As PC monitor this TV is far better than an ordinary computer monitor which is having its own limitations. The 15 pin VGA connector and audio input for PC are kept in appropriate areas & the bottom connectivity panel comprises 2 HDMI inputs, 1 USB port, component & composite audio/video connectors etc… The 3W slim speakers on both sides deliver enough audio strength for home entertainment. You can grab this handsome product for a cheap price range of 160$ approx. (A little bit lower at some online shops)

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