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Vizio E3D420VX and E3D470VX Theater 3D LCD HD announced

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The Vizio E3D420VX and E3D470VX are the 42″ and 47″ LCD TVs that are part of the Vizio’s Theater 3D TV. Their moderate size should make a good viewing experience for a decent size drawing room.

The E3D420VX and E3D470VX have a refresh rate of 120 Hz for a flicker free viewing experience. Vizio also has the 32 inch TV in this series, which is expected to be less expensive than the 42 inch and the 47 inch counterparts. The 32 inch counterpart E3D320VX has, however a refresh rate of only 60 Hz.

The Vizio E3D420VX and E3D470VX does not has Start dimming, which are part of most of the other higher end models. However, the Vizio E3D420VX and E3D470VXIt do come with VIZIO Internet Apps. The Vizio E3D420VX and E3D470VX come with QWERTY Infra Red Remote. The sound quality is expected to be decent with with SRS Studio Sound HD.

The Vizio E3D420VX and E3D470VX are a part of the Vizio Theater 3D Series, that was announced in the CES 2011 show at Las vegas in Jan 2011. The pricing information for these 3D TVs were not announced and is not available and is expected to be announced when they are available in the store.

The Theater 3D TVs will have 2x brighther and flicker free picture quality according to Vizio. Vizo expects significantly reduced crosstalks in comparision to the Active shutter LCD TVs in the Theater 3D TV series.

Some of the theater 3D models come with VIZIO’s Edge-Lit Razor LED, however, these two do not seem to have the Razor LEDs. More clarifications are expected later.

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