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VIZIO E420VO television is the new model LCD High Definition television which has 42inch screen capable of displaying full HD 1080 pixels video. The cost of VIZIO E420VO television is dollars 620 approximately. The dynamic contrast ratio is 1million to 1. SRS TruSurround High Definition audio and SRS TruVolume are supported in VIZIO E420VO television. Ambient light senor technology is in place which takes care of the contrast of the video according to the available lighting in the living room. There are a total of 1.06 billion colors that are supported on VIZIO E420VO television and also it can display video resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The total number of pixels that can be displayed on this screen is 2 million pixels, thus the clarity and sharpness provided by this television is unmatched. Unlike other LCD televisions, VIZIO E420VO television has a viewing angle of 170 degree, so horizontal or vertical any way you watch you get the same clarity image and there is no video black out, which is the main feature in this television. There are two in built speakers in VIZIO E420VO television each of which is consumes 10 Watts of power and produces enough sound to give you a home theater experience.

VIZIO E420VO television meets more requirements that what it is stated in Energy Star 4.1 requirements. The VIZIO E420VO television comes with one year warranty for the parts and labor. There are two HDMI connections with HDCP enabled and one each connection for RF input, component, Personal computer input, composite video, stereo audio output, SPDIF digital optical output and USB port. The brightness of VIZIO E420VO television is 500 nits and the maximum response time that it takes is 0.008 seconds. Refresh rate of VIZIO E420VO television is 600 Hertz and  there is no picture in picture or picture outside picture support.

VIZIO E420VO television consumes 86 watts of power on average in normal operating condition and in standby mode it consumes 0.32 Watts. The Video Scanning Mode is Progressive scanning mode and it is done either through HDMI or through component VGA. 50,000 hours is the estimated life time of the panel lamp. VIZIO E420VO television works with input voltage of the range 120 Volts at a frequency of 60 Hertz. 3 dimensional comb filter and Zero Bright pixel defect guarantee are not available in VIZIO E420VO television. VIZIO VR15 is the remote type used for this television which comes along the television with user manual and two AA batteries. VIZIO E420VO television has reverse pull down supported for both 3 : 2 and 2 : 2 modes. Simply VIZIO E420VO television is the one with unmatched audio and video quality giving the user ultimate experience of the digital era.

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