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VIZIO E550VL TV is the new High Definition 120 Hertz LCD Television which costs cost to 950 dollars. However, at circuitcity.com the gadget is available at $900 as Black Friday offer at the time of writing review. The highlights of VIZIO E550VL television are that the refresh rate is an amazing 120 hertz, it is a full HD television meaning it can display a resolution of 1080 pixels, SRS TruVolume and SRS TruSound HDTM audio modules are implemented in it. The Dynamic contrast ratio is of the order, 100000:1.

VIZIO E550VL LCD HDTV is also eco – friendly and environmental friendly design since it exceeds the requirements of Energy Star 4.0. The dimensions of VIZIO E550VL television are 52.1 inches in length and 5 inches in thickness and 32.6 inches in breadth. The television weighs around 67.7 pounds. The main design aspect that was considered during the manufacturing was to keep the cost in control and produce a television with maximum features costing less and they have achieved the same. The ambient light sensor technology is implemented which takes care of the level of brightness for the picture displayed according to the amount of lighting available in the living room. There are two fifteen watts speakers which are in built into the television which provides more than enough sound to make the user feel like he/she is in theater.

VIZIO E550VL TV’s LCD Screen measures 55 inches. There are a total of three HDMI ports which are HDCP enabled. Two of the HDMI ports are on the backside of the television and one is on the sides. There are one each ports for USB, Personal computer input, composite video, component plus stereo audio, RF input,  SPDIF Digital Optical Output and stereo audio output. 3 dimensional comb filter and V chip features are enabled in VIZIO E550VL television. There is no reverse pull down supported and also ATSC related features are not supported in this television. Progressive scan video and NTSC Video decoding are the few other features that are not supported in VIZIO E550VL television. The power consumption of VIZIO E550VL television in normal operating mode is 138 Watts and in standby it consumes less than 0.37 watts. The panel lamp’s life is promised to be 50,000 hours for VIZIO E550VL television and also this works at 240 Volts and 50 / 60 Hertz.

It comes with lifetime free technical support. There is also a limited warranty for a year which covers the replacement of the damaged spare parts and labor. This one year warranty does not cover any physical damages. The package comes with VIZIO E550VL television, User manual, Registration card which needs to used for warranty coverage, VIZIO VUR13 remote with two Standard AA A type batteries, power card for the television and a guide for starters which explains what is what in the package

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