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VIZIO has come out with a new high definition TV lately named as VIZIO M221NV LCD TV. Though it is a LCD TV, but they have also uses LED technology for providing sharp edges. The size of the screen is 22 inches which is the size of the diagonal. This also has internet connectivity that helps us to check our mails on line, view video on demand and browse on line web photo albums and also hear music on line and also social networking sites which we will be using frequently VIZIO M221NV LCD TV not just has the classical Ethernet port connectivity it also has wireless connectivity, the wireless stack used in VIZIO M221NV LCD TV is built on 802.11N networking standards. This also has a picture resolution of 1080 pixels which gives us unmatched high definition feels and experience.

It has dual Ethernet ports, dual HDMI ports and dual USB ports. This can support a display of over16.7 million different schemes of colors. The television is very thin so it saves lot of space. The VIZIO M221NV LCD TV also comes with one year warranty for its spare parts and any defects. They also provide life long support after one year. This Television can take various inputs such as HDMI, component, RF, SPDIF and also S video. This can also be used as a computer my connecting CPU output to the Television.

The response time of this television is also a benchmark for other to catch up with, because the response time is as low as 0.005 seconds. Though there is no picture in picture or picture out side picture support, we rarely use these two in our day to day television usage. It supports both ATSC and MPEG 2 video decoding. The video scanning method used in this VIZIO M221NV LCD TV is progressive video scanning method. The life of the panel lamp is approximately 30K hours. This television supports the NTSC format of the video decoding. It can work with power supply providing AC voltage of either 110 V or 220 V provided at the frequency of either 60 Hz or 50 Hz. This also has the power saving mode enabled and consumes less that 1 Watt power when it is in standby and uses 65 Watts per Ambient Light Sensor in running mode. VIZIO M221NV LCD TV comes in the normal TV model and also there is a model which can be mounted in wall. Usually people prefer the wall mountable pattern because it provides a high experience like in movie theaters compared to the one mounted on the stand. Compared to over LCD Televisions in market the cost of VIZIO M221NV LCD TV is comparatively less, it just costs around $ 250.

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