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Vizio M3D420SV and M3D420SR Theater 3D TV

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VIZIO Vizio M3D420SV and M3D420SR Theater 3D TV are the 42 ” LCD TV from that , according to vizio offers consumers a revolutionary new technology offering twice the brightness and flicker-free and brighter images.

If we are to believe vizio, then the Theater 3D will significantly reduce crosstalk when compared to the present Active Shutter LCD TV technology.

The Theater 3D technology utilizes circular polarized 3D filter which shifts the burden of 3D processing to the TV. This leads the 3D eyewear to stay free from the batteries and also reduces the shutter mechanisms that is part of the Active Shutter 3D TVs.

Vizio M3D420SV and M3D420SR will work across the wide range of the 3D formats including the cable, satellite, broadcast and Blu Ray players.

Vizio M3D420SV and M3D420SR will have 240 Hz refresh rate, further reducing the motion blur and flickering. The Vizio M3D420SV and M3D420SR have Bluetooth based Remote control, so you do not have to point to the TV as in case of the Infra Red Remote control. The Vizio M3D420SV and Vizio M3D420SR provide high quality SRS audio sound.

The razor LED Vizio M3D420SV and M3D420SR HDTVs have Smart Dimming Control that intelligently controls an array of LEDs, organized in 32 zones.

The smart dimming work on frame by frame, based on the displayed content, and Dimming adjusts brightness of the screen in precise amount all way down to complete black, leading to high contrast ratio.

Vizio M3D420SV and M3D420SR Theater 3D models support VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) . Using the Internet Apps your can get the choice of your content from the web without the need of a set top box. The connectivity feature in Vizio M3D420SV and M3D420SR include the Wi-Fi.

The pricing information on the Vizio M3D420SV and Vizio M3D420SR have not been announced. The two TV models were introduced at the CES show in January 2011.

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