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Vizio M550NV 55 Razor LED Back lit LCD HD television

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Vizio M550NV 55 Razor LED Back lit LCD HD television is the latest High definition LCD television available in the market for a cost of 1300 dollars. The screen size of this television measures 55 inches when measured across the diagonal. This television has the full High definition display capability as it has the ability to display 1080 pixel resolution video. There is SRS sound studio feature supported in Vizio M550NV thus it produces good quality, clear and deep audio for the user and gives the ultimate hearing experience. There is IEEE 802.11 wireless supported by this television thus streaming video over the wireless connection is easy and helps the user without creating a mess of wires in their house. The wireless standard supported by this television is IEEE 802.11 n. The dynamic contrast ratio of this television measures 1 , 000 , 000 : 1, which provides the user unmatched viewing experience. There are two speakers integrated with the television one on the right side and the other on the left side.

Vizio M550NV 55 Razor LED Back lit LCD HD television has LED black light technology, which provides good color viewing experience to the user and also there is ambient light sensor technology in this television which changes the brightness automatically according to the amount of lighting present in the living room. SRS TruSurround support is also in placeĀ  The television is razer thin thanks to the LCD television technology which makes the television only 2 inches thick. SRS TruVolume feature is also implemented in this television which avoids the inconsistency in the volume level during channel change.

The aspect ratio supported by this television is 16 : 9 and there are inbuilt tuners available in this television which can directly tune to digital or analog signals over the air and display the same on the television even without the support of the settop box. The power consumed by this Vizio M550NV during operating condition measures 125 watts. The response time is little high as it measures 8 milliseconds. The screen refreshing rate of this television is 120 hertz, which is double of that of the normal LCD televisions which have 60 hertz as the screen refreshing rates. There is USB connectivity also available to the user, the ports are available on the sides of the television and also there are four HDMI ports available in this television. This television can also take PC input along with composite, component and RF input ports. The television can be mounted on the wall too. This is simply the best television to get the high definition feel and simulate a theater in the living room.

Vizio M550NV is mercury free and also it is energy star 4.1 compliant thus it makes a environmental friendly product consuming less power and creating less pollution and harm to the environment.

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