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What your GRE Score Tells?

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Your GRE score is the instant score displayed on the computer screen immediately after finishing the exam. This score will reach the ETS database and remains there for 5 years. Once you choose ‘yes’ to the question – Do you want to see the scores? There is no option to cancel the test. If you take a re-exam, the previous score sheets will also be put with the new score. It is comfortable as we are getting a quick score sheet. But, take enough preparation before taking the actual test. powerprep & grebible are excellent software for practicing the mock tests. The practice test results generally match with the actual GRE score.

Good GRE scores pave the way to top notch colleges. However a score of 550 & above is considered good for verbal section. In quantitative test you need to score as high as 700 or more. Your state of mind while taking the exam, time management & the ability to respond well under pressure determines the GRE score. This is used as a major selection factor in foreign universities. A good GRE score boosts your carrier to the top with quality higher studies.

While using the practice software for vocabulary & math, chances for getting similar questions with in the first 10 is high & your score will definitely rise up. Question practice & mock tests helps to manage the time effectively with a predefined allocation of care for each of the sections. Getting a good score is not a challenging thing for hard working people. But the level of attention needed for each section depends on individuals as the mental abilities differs a lot. A high level thinking and good vocabulary can be attained with an exam focus of view.

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