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Why is google promoting Android Applications

– On the HIMSS 2011, google executives were found actively lobbying for their Android operating System. Why is google so active in this area ?

– Well, google want you to make more Android Application.  For each Android Application that you create, you become rich as you get paid for every application that sells.

– So google wants to make you richer ? Is this the reason google is promoting its Android ? Has google turned to become a complete Philanthropist.

– Well good question. Now consider this fact – For every Android Application that sells – you keep 70% and Google Keeps 30%. Do you still think Google is a Philanthropist ?

– So if you make a decent Android Appllicartion that sells for $10. You sold 100 of them. You make $700, google makes $300. Who is wiser ?

– If you need to start selling Android Application, you need to sign in as developer that will cost you $25. Well the $25 does not make or break anything for Google, but it is just to keep any non serious developer away from the amassing non serious applications.

– Earning money from Android is not a bad idea if you know of some Application that can be really good. It has a huge market competing with Apple applications. You will need to get familiar with Java and Android Applications.

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  1. Julia Anderson
    April 10th, 2011 at 10:30 | #1

    Well I know one thing – the Android jobs are hot. Search for Android on any job forum and you will be swamped with a huge number of jobs offered on these job boards…