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Why starredreviews is pessimistic about xobni – A review

Xobni – A review

At first Xobni looks like an impressive product. Install the xobni add on plugin into the Outlook express and you have a search engine that is vastly improved over the in built search functionality of the Out look express. The searches and more relevant, too the point and has the ability to combine boolean terms making it much more powerful.

If you add the linkedin, facebook and other similar plugins, xobni is able to find the relevant contact details from outlook express as well as from any of the other networking platforms.

Its user interface is in the form of a sidebar on the right hand side. You can not only search for messages but also contacts, files and even hyperlinks. You can also search phone numbers with Skype plugin – indeed an impressive tool – especially for business owners and sales, marketing and networking personals for whom networking matters.

The fundamental drawback with xobni is that is works on Outlook. Outlook is one of the most widely used too for corporate owners for email. Bill Gates has vouched for xobni in a youtube video presented below.

What is surprising is that why Gates could not ask hit technical team to improve its search functianlity ? – not a difficult task for a company like Microsoft who has its own search engine in the form of bing. It was actually surprising to see such a poor search functionality in the Outlook. If Microsoft does improve the search functionality where is the need of Xobni ?

Additionally assume the Microsoft releases ability to create add ons for Linkedin and facebook. This will almost evaporate any need for Xobni.

Will xobni be an acquisition candidate for xobni ? A good question – this is something the Khosla Venture can answer better – with its contacts extending to the likes of Microsoft. Ideally, Microsoft should have developed and improve its own search functionality rather that pour in few hundred million of dollars to acquire Xobni.

The xobni’s source of income include the Xobni Plus which costs $30 which gives you access to broader search data like tasks and appointments – this is something useful for the business users.

While cnet is in high prais of the functionality of the product which is true – especially from users’ perspective – this review has been targeted not towards the product which, undoubtedly is great – especially the free version of it – the business part of the product is unclear. The exit strategy is unclear – even when the investors include the big names like Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Cisco, BlackBerry Partners Fund, Atomico Investments, Baseline Ventures and the latest entrant RRE Ventures. They also have several angel investors.

Xobni is formed from the words Xon + ni – It is actually formed from inbox – take in + box and reverse the alphabets in the two words.

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  1. Mike Masone
    July 4th, 2011 at 11:23 | #1

    Oh – Khosla Ventures bribed Bill Gates for this presentation !!! Good marketing. Microsoft Investors – beware your money is being siphoned off to please the vultures who like to play

  2. July 13th, 2015 at 04:53 | #2

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