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Worst of ehow – How to fail GRE

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Well, I do love ehow most of the time. The articles are to the point, accurate and helpful “most of the time”. Unfortunately, some of the time, the topics turn out not only to be non sense but actually lunatic.

Take an example, an article that talks about how to fail GRE. Please go ahead and read this one


Take for example this section from this article

Use a study strategy that is incompatible with your learning style. The ehow then goes on to add- Set goals that are unreachable and never reward yourself for successes or for sticking to your insanely rigid program of study.

What does it mean ? What are they trying to convey ? And if that does not mean Article farming what does. No wonder, many people are outraged that ehow has not been demoted in the latest google panda update.

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